Multidimensional Unrepetitive Configurations

  title={Multidimensional Unrepetitive Configurations},
  author={Arturo Carpi},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},
  • A. Carpi
  • Published 2 February 1988
  • Mathematics
  • Theor. Comput. Sci.

On the D0L Repetition Threshold

This work deals with the analogous threshold when the infinite word is restricted to be a D0L word, and finds that this threshold does not exceed the unrestricted threshold by more than a little.

On p-adic avoidance of words

In this paper a new modification of the notion of avoidance of words is introduced. We say, that a word w p-adically avoids a word u, if u does not belong to the set of all words whose symbols occur

Infinite Sequences and Pattern Avoidance

The study of combinatorics on words dates back at least to the beginning of the 20 century and the work of Axel Thue. Thue was the first to give an example of an infinite word over a three letter

On avoding r-repetitions in ℝ2

Nonrepetitive and pattern-free colorings of the plane

Every real number greater than 1 is a critical exponent



Avoidable patterns in strings of symbols

A word is just a finite string of letters. The word Wavoids the word U provided no substitution instance of Uis a subword of W. W is avoidable if on some finite alpha-bet there is an infinite

A propos d'une conjecture de F. Dejean sur les répétitions dans les mots

We show that with a four letter alphabet the largest unavoidable repetitions in arbitrarily long words are of the form uvu where the length of uvu is 7/5th of the length of uv. This proves part of a

Sur un Théorème de Thue

A propos d ’ une conjecture de F . Dejean sur les rCpCtitions dans les mots , Discrete Appl

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Uniformly growing kth powerfree homomorphisms , 7 heoret

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Ueber unendliche Zeichenreihen, Norske Vid

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