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Multidimensional Persistence: Invariants and Parameterization

  title={Multidimensional Persistence: Invariants and Parameterization},
  author={Maximilian Neumann},
  • M. Neumann
  • Published 17 August 2021
  • Mathematics
  • ArXiv
This article grew out of my Master’s thesis at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg under the supervision of PD Dr. Andreas Ott. The content of this article is mainly based on and inspired by the work of G. Carlsson and A. Zomorodian on the theory of multidimensional persistence in [CZ07] and [CZ09]. Our main goal is to carry out a complete classification and parameterization for the algebraic objects that correspond to the homology of a… 



The Theory of Multidimensional Persistence

This paper proposes the rank invariant, a discrete invariant for the robust estimation of Betti numbers in a multifiltration, and proves its completeness in one dimension.

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Y is called an open/closed subvariety of X if Y is an open/closed subscheme of X

    Then Y is called a subprevariety of X if there exists a closed subvariety Z ⊆ X such that Y ⊆ Z is an open subvariety

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        X is called an affine F-variety if X = Spec(R) for a finitely generated F-alegbra R