Multidetector CT of the lung: image quality with garnet-based detectors.

  title={Multidetector CT of the lung: image quality with garnet-based detectors.},
  author={Masahiro Yanagawa and Noriyuki Tomiyama and Osamu Honda and Ayano Kikuyama and Hiromitsu Sumikawa and Atsuo Inoue and Kazunori Tobino and Mitsuhiro Koyama and Masayuki Kudo},
  volume={255 3},
PURPOSE To evaluate the image quality of both standard- and reduced-dose computed tomography (CT) by comparing multidetector CT with garnet-based detectors with multidetector CT with conventional detectors. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was approved by the internal ethics review board. Informed consent was obtained. Eleven cadaveric lungs inflated and fixed by using the Heitzman method were scanned by using both CT with garnet-based detectors and CT with conventional detectors. Tube current… CONTINUE READING