Multicultural Masculinities and the Border Romance in John Saylesis Lone Star and Cormac McCarthyis Border Trilogy

  title={Multicultural Masculinities and the Border Romance in John Saylesis Lone Star and Cormac McCarthyis Border Trilogy},
  author={Katherine Sugg},
  journal={CR: The New Centennial Review},
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Americas, understandings of the United States as deeply tied to Mexico in cultural, economic, and affective ways are increasingly visible in contemporary popular culture, particularly movies and best-selling novels. For example, two recent films, Traffic and All the Pretty Horses, illustrate a heightened awareness of "Mexico" in the popular imagination, and they follow a long history of Hollywoods representations of Anglos and Mexicans in contact on the border. A number of these films have been… Expand
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