Multicultural Education

  title={Multicultural Education},
  author={Elsie M. Szecsy},
“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research, would it?” (Albert Einstein). In Diversity Issues in Special Education: Theory, Research, and Practice I will define the diversity perspectives within the context of research, then I will develop an understanding and understand theory as it is related to research, and inform personal stance on the merits of various traditions and their use in multicultural education. Thus, I will consider numerous topics such as, social… 

Civic Multicultural Competence: Searching for Common Ground in Democratic Education

Abstract During the past several decades, multicultural education has become an integral part of the social studies as a means to authentically prepare students for living in an inclusive and

Powerful knowledge, intercultural learning and history education

Abstract This article theorizes on the role of school subjects, especially history, in multicultural and intercultural education, arguing that to ensure intercultural learning there is a need to

Emphasizing Multicultural and Anti-Racist Pedagogies as One Aspect of Decolonizing Education

Multiculturalism is a vital component of Canadian history and culture and this diversity deserves special attention. Learning diverse languages, cultures, and communicating with different

Towards a Safe and Respectful Campus: Perspectives of Multicultural Education

  • Hsuan-Jen Chen
  • Education
    International Dialogues on Education Journal
  • 2018
This paper argues that multicultural education is an essential way of creating a safe and respectful campus. Examined from the perspective of power relations, schools are viewed as a site that helps

Teachers' Awareness of Multicultural Education and Diversity in School Settings.

Problem Statement: The concept of multiculturalism was in general perceived in terms of ethnic background or difference in race and so brought forth negative viewpoints and apprehensions with regard

Lazy multiculturalism: cultural essentialism and the persistence of the Multicultural Day in Australian schools

ABSTRACT Multicultural Days are a regular event in Australian schools. While they are viewed as a vehicle for cultural inclusion and strengthening community, they have long been critiqued for their

Exploring the Dimensions of Multicultural Education and its Implication in Teaching Learning

  • Dawa Sherpa
  • Education, Sociology
    Interdisciplinary Research in Education
  • 2019
This article aims to present the concept and needs of multicultural education in Nepal. This paper is based on extensive review of literature on multicultural education in Nepal. Multicultural

Implementation of Multicultural Education Cooperative Learning to Develop Character, Nationalism and Religious

The Implementation Multicultural Cooperative Learning Primary School in MIN 3 Grobogan. Understanding the elements would be a common awareness of teachers. However, the implementation and practice

Multiculturalism in Today Society

Cultural diversity in U.S. schools has deepened considerably during the last two decades.  The aging of the mainstream population and influx of immigrants to the United States since Immigration

Multicultural Education Program In Far Eastern University: A Basis For Enhancement

According to Banks (2001), one of the current trends in worldwide Education is the increasing number of students of different race. In the Philippines, the number of foreigners granted permit to



Diversity within Unity: Essential Principles for Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Society

The authors offer these design principles in the hope that they will help education policy makers and practitioners realize the elusive but essential goal of a democratic and pluralistic society.

Culture and Self in Multicultural Education: Reflections on Discourse, Text, and Practice

Drawing principally from anthropological critiques of contemporary American multiculturalism, this interpretive analysis of multicultural education in the United States suggests that discourse, text,

Multiculturalism, Race, and Education.

This article considers arguments offered in the debate over multicultural education (MCE), noting that the concept has encountered support from enthusiasts of cultural diversity and opposition from

Can Multicultural Education Change What Counts as Cultural Capital?

In this article I answer the question: Can multicultural education redefine or transform cultural capital? After briefly explaining the concept of cultural capital and justifying its application in

Approaches to Multicultural Education in the United States: Some Concepts and Assumptions

Review of the literature on multicultural education within the United States reveals that program proponents have provided no systematic delineation of the views. To promote conceptual clarity and to

Multicultural Education and the Emerging Paradigm: An Essay in Cultural Epistemology

This article discusses the origins of multicultural education from the perspective of cultural epistemology. It contends that at issue in the multicultural education debate is the challenge of

From Culturalism to Transculturalism

My aim in this paper is to examine critically these recent developments in cultural studies in terms of a post-Gramscian cultural dynamic. This is not to suggest that the Gramscian paradigm is

Toward a Pedagogy of Transformative Teacher Education: World Educational Links.

Judith Reed is an assistant professor and Deborah J. Black is an associate professor, both in the Education Department at Keene State College, Keene, New Hampshire. As a classroom teacher, I used to

Manufacturing Dissent: The New Economy of Power Relations in Multicultural Teacher Education

This article challenges conventional understandings of White preservice teacher resistance by contextualizing it within the historically-situated pedagogical relations of the multicultural teacher

Multicultural Special Education

In this era of accountability, schools are challenged to leave no child behind, which includes making schools more responsive to students' needs. For many multicultural learners, the noble ideal of