Multicriteria renewable energy planning using an integrated fuzzy VIKOR & AHP methodology: The case of Istanbul

  title={Multicriteria renewable energy planning using an integrated fuzzy VIKOR \& AHP methodology: The case of Istanbul},
  author={Tolga Kaya and Cengiz Kahraman},
Prioritization of Renewable Energy Alternatives for China by Using a Hybrid FMCDM Methodology with Uncertain Information
A fuzzy MCDM technique based on the interval-valued hesitant fuzzy elimination and choice expressing reality (IVHF-ELECTRE II) method, taking into account the uncertainty and ambiguity of the information, is proposed for REA ranking.
Evaluation of energy sources based on sustainability factors using integrated fuzzy MCDM approach
An integrated fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making model for evaluation of the energy alternates in India based on their sustainability shows that economics is the highest weight criterion, followed by environmental and technical criteria and solar energy was chosen as the most sustainable energy alternate in India.
Evaluation of renewable energy alternatives using MACBETH and fuzzy AHP multicriteria methods: the case of Turkey
Energy is a critical foundation for economic growth and social progress. It is estimated that 70% of the world energy consumption could be provided from renewable resources by the year 2050.
Vehicle selection for public transportation using an integrated multi criteria decision making approach: A case of Ankara
The integrated approach brings the flexibility of fuzzy AHP and simplicity of fuzzy VIKOR methodology together to solve the problem of bus selection for public transportation using a hybrid multicriteria decision making approach.
An Evaluation of Energy Alternatives for Turkey via Fuzzy Multicriteria Approach
-Economical development of countries is greatly affected by right energy strategies. However, strategic energy investment decisions are often complex and multifaceted and involve many different
Evaluation of Renewable Energy Alternatives using Hesitant Fuzzy TOPSIS and Interval Type-2 Fuzzy AHP
This chapter proposes a fuzzy multicriteria method for the evaluation of renewable energy alternatives, in which the priority weights of the criteria are determined by interval type-2 fuzzy AHP, and the alternatives are ranked using hesitant fuzzy TOPSIS.
Assessment of Green Energy Alternatives Using Fuzzy ANP
Fuzzy ANP allows measuring qualitative factors by using fuzzy numbers instead of crisp numbers in order to make decisions easier and obtain more realistic results, and a case study is presented for the assessment of GE alternatives in Turkey with respect to various perspectives.


A multicriteria approach to evaluate wind energy plants on an Italian island
Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis by Using Fuzzy VIKOR
Decision or selection making is a vital part of daily life; of which the major concern is that almost all issues requiring decisions have multiple, often conflicting, criteria. In reality, there is