Multicriteria decision making with 2-dimension linguistic aggregation techniques


In this paper, we represent evaluation information by 2-dimension linguistic labels so as to avoid biased results and achieve high accuracy in multicriteria decision making. We analyze the relationship between a 2-dimension linguistic label and a common linguistic label, and then quantify a certain 2-dimension linguistic label by using a generalized triangular fuzzy number (TFN). On the basis of the mapping function from 2-dimension linguistic labels to the corresponding generalized TFNs and its inverse function, we develop a 2-dimension linguistic weighted averaging (2DLWA) operator and a 2-dimension linguistic ordered weighted averaging (2DLOWA) operator. Furthermore, we verify the feasibility of the 2DLWA and 2DLOWA operators by discussing their properties and investigating their applications to produce reliable decision results in multicriteria decision making under linguistic evaluations. Finally, an example of selecting the outstanding postgraduate dissertation(s) is used to illustrate the practicability and validity of these two 2-dimension linguistic aggregation techniques. C © 2012 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

DOI: 10.1002/int.21535

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