Multicore-fiber solitons and laser-pulse self-compression at light-bullet excitation in the central core of multicore fibers

  title={Multicore-fiber solitons and laser-pulse self-compression at light-bullet excitation in the central core of multicore fibers},
  author={A. A. Balakin and A. G. Litvak and S. A. Skobelev},
  journal={Physical Review A},
The propagation of laser pulses in multi-core fibers (MCF) made of a central core and an even number of cores located in a ring around it is studied. Approximate quasi-soliton homogeneous solutions of the wave field in the considered MCF are found. The stability of the in-phase soliton distribution is shown analytically and numerically. At low energies, its wave field is distributed over all MCF cores and has a duration, which exceeds the duration of the NSE soliton with the same energy by many… 
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