Multicontrast MRI of remyelination in the central nervous system.

  title={Multicontrast MRI of remyelination in the central nervous system.},
  author={Doron Merkler and Susann Boretius and Christine Stadelmann and Tristan Ernsting and Thomas Michaelis and Jens Frahm and Wolfgang Br{\"u}ck},
  journal={NMR in biomedicine},
  volume={18 6},
Although magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) represents the most sensitive tool for the detection of white matter abnormalities in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), the heterogeneity of MS placques severely hampers the elucidation of specific pathophysiological processes. In order to identify putative MRI markers for de- and remyelination, we employed the cuprizone mouse model which leads to a selective and reversible demyelination of the corpus callosum with little or no axonal damage. Apart… CONTINUE READING


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