Multicompartmental study of fluorine-18 altanserin binding to brain 5HT2 receptors in humans using positron emission tomography

  title={Multicompartmental study of fluorine-18 altanserin binding to brain 5HT2 receptors in humans using positron emission tomography},
  author={Françoise Biver and Serge Goldman and Andr{\'e} Luxen and M. E. Allende Monclus and Manuel Forestini and Julien Mendlewicz and Françoise Lotstra},
  journal={European Journal of Nuclear Medicine},
Serotoninergic type 2 (5HT2) receptors have been implicated in the regulation of many brain functions in humans and may play a role in several neurological and psychiatric diseases. Fluorine-18 altanserin has been proposed as a new radiotracer for the study of 5HT2 receptors by PET because of its high affinity for 5HT2 receptors (Ki: 0.13 nM) and its good specificity in in vitro studies. Dynamic PET studies were carried out in 12 healthy volunteers after intravenous injection of 0.1 mCi/kg [18F… CONTINUE READING


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