Multicolor fate mapping of Langerhans cell homeostasis

  title={Multicolor fate mapping of Langerhans cell homeostasis},
  author={Cl{\'e}ment Ghigo and Isabelle Mondor and Audrey Jorquera and Jonathan Nowak and Stephan Wienert and Sonja Zahner and Bj{\"o}rn E Clausen and Herv{\'e} Luche and Bernard Malissen and Frederick Klauschen and Marc Baj{\'e}noff},
  booktitle={The Journal of experimental medicine},
Langerhans cells (LCs) constitute a network of immune sentinels in the skin epidermis that is seeded during embryogenesis. Whereas the development of LCs has been extensively studied, much less is known about the homeostatic renewal of adult LCs in "nonmanipulated" animals. Here, we present a new multicolor fluorescent fate mapping system and quantification… CONTINUE READING