Multicolor Photometry of the Galaxies in Abell 2255 by the BATC and SDSS Surveys

  title={Multicolor Photometry of the Galaxies in Abell 2255 by the BATC and SDSS Surveys},
  author={Qirong Yuan and Xu Zhou and Z. Johnston School of Physics and Nanjing Normal University and China. and National Astronomical Observatories and Cas and Beijing},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
We present our optical multicolor photometry for the nearby cluster of galaxies Abell 2255 with 13 intermediate filters in the BATC system. The spectral energy distributions (SEDs) in the optical band for more than 7000 sources are achieved down to V ~ 20 in a field of 58' x 58' centered on this rich cluster. Abell 2255 has been recently observed by the SDSS. A method of combining the SDSS photometric data in five broad bands and the BATC SEDs is then explored. The application of the technique… 

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