Multicolor Coding of Cells with Cationic Peptide Coated Quantum Dots

  title={Multicolor Coding of Cells with Cationic Peptide Coated Quantum Dots},
  author={B. Christoffer Lagerholm and Miaomiao Wang and Lauren Ernst and Danith H Ly and Hongjian Liu and Marcel P Bruchez and Alan S. Waggoner}
Quantum dots are a new class of fluorophores, whose more prominent characteristics include size-tunable, narrow, fluorescence emission bands and broad overlapping excitation spectra of multiple color dots. Here, we present an efficient, versatile, and gentle approach for intracellu lar delivery of quantum dots that is easily extended to multicolor optical coding of mammalian cells. In this method, a nine residue biotinylated L-arginine peptide is used to enhance delivery of streptavidin… CONTINUE READING


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