Multicentric astrocytomas of the optic chiasm, brain stem and spinal cord.

  title={Multicentric astrocytomas of the optic chiasm, brain stem and spinal cord.},
  author={Tadashi Matsumoto and Toshimasa Uekusa and Hiroyuki Abe and Yuh Fukuda and Yasuyuki Mizutani and Susumu Oikawa and Kohei Doi and Hideo Imai and Tadayuki Sato},
  journal={Acta pathologica japonica},
  volume={39 10},
Autopsy was performed on a 52-year-old man with a 20-year history of neurological symptoms. At autopsy, both a brain stem tumor and a spinal cord tumor were found. These showed the features of pilocytic astrocytoma histologically. A pilocytic astrocytoma was also found in the optic chiasm upon microscopical examination. These three tumors were thought to be multicentric astrocytomas, because there was no continuity among them and no evidence of dissemination or metastasis by any pathway. From a… CONTINUE READING

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