Multicentre performance evaluation of the E170 module for modular analytics.

  title={Multicentre performance evaluation of the E170 module for modular analytics.},
  author={Christian Bieglmayer and Daniel Wai-Tin Chan and Lori Sokoll and Roland Imdahl and Masaji Kobayashi and Erike Yamada and Diana J Lilje and Hilmar Luthe and Jochen Meissner and Gianni Messeri and Alessandra Celli and Paola Tozzi and H Roth and F M Schmidt and M. M{\"a}chler and Peter Schuff-Werner and Christiana Zingler and Johan Smitz and Johan Schiettecatte and Dieter J. Vonderschmitt and Patrick T-S. Pei and Katherine Ng and Christoph Ebert and Peter Kirch and Michael Wanger and Margaret McGovern and Wolfgang Stockmann and Albert Kuns},
  journal={Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine},
  volume={42 10},
The E170 module was evaluated at 13 sites in an international multicentre study. The objective of the study was to assess the analytical performance of 49 analytes, and to collect feedback on the system's reliability and practicability. The typical, within-run coefficients of variation (CVs) for most of the quantitative assays ranged between 1 and 2% while a range of 2-4% was achieved with the infectious disease methods. Total precision CVs were found to be within the manufacturer's expected… CONTINUE READING