Multicast Security: A Taxonomy and Some Efficient Constructions


Multicast communication is becoming the basis for a growing number of applications. It is therefore critical to provide sound security mechanisms for multicast communication. Yet, existing security protocols for multicast offer only partial solutions. We first present a taxonomy of multicast scenarios on the Internet and point out relevant security concerns. Next we address two major security problems of multicast communication: source authentication, and key revocation. Maintaining authenticity in multicast protocols is a much more complex problem than for unicast; in particular, known solutions are prohibitively inefficient in many cases. We present a solution that is reasonable for a range of scenarios. Our approach can be regarded as a ‘midpoint’ between traditional Message Authentication Codes and digital signatures. We also present an improved solution to the key revocation problem.

DOI: 10.1109/INFCOM.1999.751457
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