Multiband Rectennas Using a Bowtie Antenna - A Review

  • Swati Dhondiram Jadhav
  • Published 2013


This paper reviews the rectennas which are employed to harvest the electric energy from RF signals radiated by several communication systems. The modified bowtie antenna considered in this study is used to collect the electromagnetic energy (EM) coming from RFID systems and a 2-stage voltage rectifier used to convert it into DC power has been discussed. For the circuit realization, commercial zero biased Schottky diode HSMS2850, 1 nF blocking capacitors and 100 nF output capacitor are used. The paper also addresses the activities involved in designing a wideband system to recover energy from electromagnetic sources present in the environment. Experimental results of a typical rectenna (modified bowtie antenna) available in literature at 866MHz demonstrating an RF-to-DC conversion efficiency of about 65% with an input power density of 60 μW/cm are discussed.

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