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Multiaxial changes in pregnancy: mental health--a review of the literature.

  title={Multiaxial changes in pregnancy: mental health--a review of the literature.},
  author={Lukasz M{\"u}ldner-Nieckowski and Katarzyna Cyranka and Bogna Smiatek-Mazgaj and Michał Mielimąka and Jerzy Sobański and Krzysztof Rutkowski},
  journal={Ginekologia polska},
  volume={85 10},
Pregnancy constitutes not only a challenge for the body of the woman, but also a developmental and psychological task for the mother-to-be, her partner and the entire family. Considerable amount of research has been published on the subject of the puerperal period and treatment options of various disorders emerging after pregnancy. However, data on psychiatric disorders and their treatment during that period, although available, remain insufficient. The paper reviews the literature on mental… 
[Psychotherapy for pregnant women with psychiatric disorders].
Current opinions of clinicians and researches concerning possibilities, indications and outcome of psychological treatments as a way to help pregnant women who suffer from different psychiatric conditions are reviewed because this subject is not yet present in Polish psychiatric journals.
Parents' personality and maternal experiences in childcare as predictors of postpartum depression in couples in transition to parenthood.
Complex associations between postpartum depression scores and personality dimensions of men and women, and mother's experiences indicate the need to include fathers and couples in studies.
Cardiovascular risk in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis with Helixone® membrane: a multicenter randomized study.
This study showed that the use of high-flux dialysis with the Helixone® membrane, in comparison with low‑flux Dialyzed with polysulfone membranes, improves middle-molecular clearance and shows that a reduction in chronic inflammation during high‑fux dialysis may decrease cardiovascular risk.
Opinia internautów na temat ciąż nieletnich
Wprowadzenie. W 2015 roku w Polsce 6452 dziewczyn w wieku ponizej 18 lat urodzilo dzieci. W ostatnich latach ten wskaźnik cechuje sie tendencją malejącą, jednak zagadnienie to nadal stanowi istotny
From the Editors
The current issue is mostly devoted to neurotic disorders and the history of psychiatry, and the series of papers relating to various aspects of the effectiveness of psychotherapy in the treatment of neuroses are referred to.


Psychiatric disorders associated with pregnancy
Pregnancy and the post –partum period appear to confer an even greater risk for women with bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder and special considerations are needed when psychotic disorders present during pregnancy.
Sexual health during pregnancy and the postpartum.
Clinicians must seek to engage in an open discussion and provide anticipatory guidance for the couple on expected changes in sexual health as well as promote the design of rigorous, evidence-based studies to further elucidate the understanding of sexual function during pregnancy and the postpartum.
Osteogenesis imperfecta associated with recurrent depressive episodes and postpartum psychosis in a 27-year-old women
The patient suffered from both recurrent depressive episodes with histrionic traits for years and osteogenesis imper fecta type I according to Sillence, the first combined psycho-osteological disorder of monozygotic twins.
Epidemiology of Puerperal Psychoses
Investigation of the temporal relationship between childbirth and psychiatric contact in a population of 470 000 people over a 12-year period concluded that puerperal psychoses are manic depressive illnesses and unrelated to schizophrenia.
Human sexuality during pregnancy and the postpartum period.
Sexual problems and dysfunctions during pregnancy are often led by the anxiety of hurting the fetus, and almost a half of pregnant women evaluate the information received from health care providers as insufficient (Ref. 48).
Post-partum psychoses
Childbirth is a strong risk factor for first admission with psychosis, but the risk may be less increased than previously assumed.
Female sexual function during pregnancy and postpartum.
Pregnancy is a time when sexual activity picks up again as nausea decreases, the woman becomes more comfortable being pregnant, and vaginal blood flow and lubrication increase, but the third trimester is often characterized by a decline in sexual activity due to overall physical discomfort.
Mental Disorders and Nicotine Dependence Among Pregnant Women in the United States
The results suggest an association between mental disorders and nicotine dependence among pregnant women in the United States, which has far-reaching implications for both the mental and physical health of women and potentially for their children.
Perinatal depression: prevalence, screening accuracy, and screening outcomes.
Although many screening instruments have been developed or modified to detect major and minor depression in pregnant and newly delivered women, the evidence on their screening accuracy relative to a reference standard has yet to be systematically reviewed and assessed.