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Multiarquitectura distribuida para el desarrollo de misiones multi-robot

  title={Multiarquitectura distribuida para el desarrollo de misiones multi-robot},
  author={Serrano Rodr{\'i}guez and Francisco Javier.},
La Robotica Autonoma es un campo en rapido crecimiento relacionado con un extenso grupo de lineas de investigacion, como localizacion, tracking, mapping, planificacion de caminos, algoritmos IA, flujo optico, etc. e interesantes retos para la industria, como nuevas plataformas roboticas, sensores y actuadores. Todos estos progresos estan enfocado a la realizacion de tareas cada vez mas complejas (busqueda y destruccion de explosivos, localizacion de victimas de catastrofes, asistencia a… 


Fast replanning for navigation in unknown terrain
D/sup */ Lite is introduced, a heuristic search method that determines the same paths and thus moves the robot in the same way but is algorithmically different, and is at least as efficient as D/Sup */.
Self-adaptive Monte Carlo localization for mobile robots using range sensors
This paper proposes an improved Monte Carlo localization using self-adaptive samples, abbreviated as SAMCL, which employs a pre-caching technique to reduce the on-line computational burden and defines the concept of similar energy region (SER), which is a set of poses having similar energy with the robot in the robot space.
A design process for robot capabilities and missions applied to micro-autonomous platforms
An integrated architecture is presented that facilitates the design of microautonomous robot platforms and missions, starting from initial design conception to actual deployment, and allows users to maximize successful deployment of the robots by retrieving proven configurations and determine the robot capabilities necessary for success in a particular mission.
Development environments for autonomous mobile robots: A survey
This survey selects and describes nine open source, freely available RDEs for mobile robots, evaluating and comparing them from various points of view, and establishes a conceptual framework of four broad categories encompassing the characteristics and capabilities that an RDE supports.
SLAM-Based Spatial Memory for Behavior-Based Robots
This paper presents an integration of SLAM into a behavior-based robotic system as a dynamically acquired spatial memory, which can be used to enable new behaviors and augment existing ones.
Tactical mobile robot mission specification and execution
An overview of the approach being taken by the Georgia Tech/Honeywell team is provided and a range of preliminary results for a variety of missions in both simulation and on actual robots are presented.
Integrated Mission Specification and Task Allocation for Robot Teams - Design and Implementation
This work loosens the assumption that the robots available for the mission are of the same type (i.e., homogeneous) through the integration of contract-net protocol based task allocation coupled with a CBR-based mission specification wizard.
Behavior-based formation control for multirobot teams
New reactive behaviors that implement formations in multirobot teams are presented and evaluated and demonstrate the value of various types of formations in autonomous, human-led and communications-restricted applications, and their appropriateness in different types of task environments.
Characterizing performance guarantees for multiagent, real-time systems operating in noisy and uncertain environments
This paper is developing a software framework for verification of performance guarantees for C-WMD missions based on the MissionLab software system and a novel process algebra approach to representing robot programs and operating environments and links this to prior work on metrics for robot performance.
A Real-time Door Detection System for Domestic Robotic Navigation
This paper presents a solid and complete door detection system which fuses data from an end-user camera and a laser rangefinder and by using both Haar-like features and the Integral Image, the computation time is significantly reduced when compared to other methods found in the literature.