Multiagent-Based Autonomous Energy Management System With Self-Healing Capabilities for a Microgrid

  title={Multiagent-Based Autonomous Energy Management System With Self-Healing Capabilities for a Microgrid},
  author={Sujil A and Rajesh Kumar and Ramesh C. Bansal},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics},
Due to the inherent intermittent nature of renewable energy sources (RES), the control and management of microgrids become complex and require modern control techniques and management strategies to cope up with the changes in the dynamics of the system. This paper focuses on improving the dynamic performance of a microgrid by developing different energy management and control strategies employing a four-layer multiagent concept. The first layer of the proposed system is a forecasting and… Expand
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  • 2021
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Smart micro grid test system for agent based energy management system
  • A. Sujil, R. Kumar
  • Engineering
  • 2016 7th India International Conference on Power Electronics (IICPE)
  • 2016
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