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MultiScale Modeling of Radical and Counter-Radical Islamic Organizations

  title={MultiScale Modeling of Radical and Counter-Radical Islamic Organizations},
  author={Nyunsu Kim and Sukru Tikves and Zheng Wang and Hasan Davulcu and Zeki Erdem and Jonathan Githens-Mazer},
Nyunsu Kim, Sukru Tikves,Zheng Wang, Hasan DavulcuArizona State University, USAfnkim,sukru,zwang,hdavulcug@asu.eduZeki ErdemTurkish NationalScience Foundation, Turkeyzeki.erdem@tubitak.gov.trJonathan Githens-MazerDepartment of PoliticsUniversity of Exeter, Exeter, UKJ.Githens-Mazer@exeter.ac.ukABSTRACTIn this paper we utilize an ecient sparse inversecovariance matrix (precision matrix) estimation tech-nique to identify a set of highly correlated discrimina-tive perspectives between radical and… 


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