Multi-user test of the data quality matrix for product life cycle inventory data

  title={Multi-user test of the data quality matrix for product life cycle inventory data},
  author={Bo Pedersen Weidema},
  journal={The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment},
  • B. Weidema
  • Published 1 September 1998
  • Medicine
  • The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment
The data quality matrix for product life cycle inventory data proposed inWhdkma &Wlsnaus (J. Cleaner Prod. (1996), 4: 167-174) was subjected to a multi-user test, in which 7 persons scored the same 10 datasets representing 10 different processes. Deviations among scores were listed, and the causes for deviations were determined and grouped into a limited number of well-defined classes. For the majority of the scores, the different test persons arrived at the same score. Deviations occur most… 

German network on life cycle inventory data

A permanent German ‘Network on Life Cycle Inventory Data’ will serve as the German information and cooperation platform for all scientific and non-scientific actors in the field of life cycle analysis and will integrate expertise on LCA in Germany, harmonize methodology and data, and use the comprehensive expert panel as an efficient basis for further scientific development and practical use of LCA.

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