• Engineering
  • Published 2003

Multi-stage prestressed finished anchorage cable

  title={Multi-stage prestressed finished anchorage cable},
  author={甘国荣 and 吕兵 and 廖松山 and 杨雄文 and 陈文杰 and 甘秋萍},
The utility model relates to a multi-stage prestressed finished anchorage cable comprising an inner anchorage section I, a free section II and an anchor head, characterized in that the inner anchorage section I consists of non-bond steel wire strands and 1-8 elliptic bearing components 8; the free section II an alignment frame 6, a non-bond steel wire strand bundle 5 covered with a PE layer or cased with a PVC hose and restriction rings 4 and 7; and the anchor head is an ordinary anchor head… CONTINUE READING