Multi-site control and regulation of mitochondrial energy production.

  title={Multi-site control and regulation of mitochondrial energy production.},
  author={Giovani B{\'e}nard and Nad{\'e}ge Bellance and C Benedict Jose and Su Melser and Karine nouette-Gaulain and Rodrigue Rossignol},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1797 6-7},
With the extraordinary progress of mitochondrial science and cell biology, novel biochemical pathways have emerged as strategic points of bioenergetic regulation and control. They include mitochondrial fusion, fission and organellar motility along microtubules and microfilaments (mitochondrial dynamics), mitochondrial turnover (biogenesis and degradation), and mitochondrial phospholipids synthesis. Yet, much is still unknown about the mutual interaction between mitochondrial energy state… CONTINUE READING
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