Multi-scale modelling of elastic moduli of trabecular bone.

  title={Multi-scale modelling of elastic moduli of trabecular bone.},
  author={Elham Hamed and Iwona Jasiuk and Andrew Yoo and Yikhan Lee and Tadeusz Liszka},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Society, Interface},
  volume={9 72},
We model trabecular bone as a nanocomposite material with hierarchical structure and predict its elastic properties at different structural scales. The analysis involves a bottom-up multi-scale approach, starting with nanoscale (mineralized collagen fibril) and moving up the scales to sub-microscale (single lamella), microscale (single trabecula) and mesoscale (trabecular bone) levels. Continuum micromechanics methods, composite materials laminate theory and finite-element methods are used in… CONTINUE READING
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