Multi-quasiparticle States in 256Rf

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@inproceedings{Jeppesen2014MultiquasiparticleSI, title={Multi-quasiparticle States in 256Rf}, author={Henrik B Jeppesen and Ilija Dragojevi{\'c} and Randall M Clark and Kenneth E Gregorich and Mohd Noman Ali and Jay P. Greene and Stephane Gros and I-Y. Lee and HongJun Liu and A . O . Macchiavelli and Sarah L. Nelson and Heino Nitsche and J. R. Pavan and F. R. Xu and J. M. Allmond and C. W. Beausang and Darren L. Bleuel and M . Cromaz and M. A. Deleplanque and Paul A Ellison and Paul Fallon and Maria Alice Amorim Garcia and Jacklyn M Gates and L . Stavsetra and Freg Stephens}, year={2014} }