Multi-objective optimization of green sand mould system using evolutionary algorithms

  title={Multi-objective optimization of green sand mould system using evolutionary algorithms},
  author={B. Surekha and Lalit Kaushik and Abhishek K. Panduy and Pandu Ranga Vundavilli and Mahesh B. Parappagoudar},
  journal={The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology},
The quality of cast products in green sand moulds is largely influenced by the mould properties, such as green compression strength, permeability, hardness and others, which depend on the input (process) parameters (that is, grain fineness number, percentage of clay, percentage of water and number of strokes). This paper presents multi-objective optimization of green sand mould system using evolutionary algorithms, such as genetic algorithm (GA) and particle swarm optimization (PSO). In this… 

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In this work, the weighted sum scalarization approach is used in conjunction with three meta-heuristic algorithms; differential evolution, chaotic differential evolution and gravitational search algorithm (GSA) to generate the approximate Pareto frontier to the green sand mould system problem.

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Multiobjective optimization of green sand mould system using DE and GSA

The weighted sum scalarization approach is used in conjunction with two meta-heuristic algorithms; differential evolution (DE) and gravitational search algorithm (GSA) to generate the approximate Pareto frontier to the green sand mould system problem.



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The Pareto-optimal front of the bi-objective problem is obtained using Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA-II) and the performance of NSGA- II is found to be more effective and efficient as compared to micro-GA.

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It is shown that some interesting and important relationships as useful optimal design principles involved in the performance of AFM can be discovered by the Pareto-based multi-objective optimization of the obtained polynomial models.

Linear and non-linear statistical modelling of green sand mould system

Abstract In the present work, design of experiments (DOE) technique with response surface methodology was used to develop both linear and non-linear models, to establish the input–output