Multi-objective Value-Driven Smart Building Management Solutions


The intelligent Building Management System (iBMS) is a building management system which was developed from the needs of building owners for centralized energy management and accomplished by the multi-objective value-driven approach. Firstly building monitoring and service/maintenance optimization were conducted by establishing objectives, collecting data, and defining the mapping functions between values of interests and sensor/actuator factors in building operations. Then the operational goal of the smart green buildings to balance efficiency, health, safety, energy saving, and comfort was achieved by performing data analytics, prediction, and operations optimization. This research proposed a multi-objective value-driven management system and methodology from the viewpoint of the building owners to optimize the operational efficiency of smart buildings, seeking for the benefits that the building owners believe is the biggest in a multiple objective situation. The results of this research had been introduced into three commercial buildings in cooperation with enterprises in the green industry to demonstrate and verify the applicability of the research, showing that 18.9% energy saving was accomplished while the balance between comfort and energy-saving objectives was retained.

DOI: 10.1109/CCBD.2015.52

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