Multi-model convolutional extreme learning machine with kernel for RGB-D object recognition

  title={Multi-model convolutional extreme learning machine with kernel for RGB-D object recognition},
  author={Yunhua Yin and Huifang Li and Xinling Wen},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
With new depth sensing technology such as Kinect providing high quality synchronized RGB and depth images (RGB-D data), learning rich representations efficiently plays an important role in multi-modal recognition task, which is crucial to achieve high generalization performance. To address this problem, in this paper, we propose an effective multi-modal convolutional extreme learning machine with kernel (MMC-KELM) structure, which combines advantages both the power of CNN and fast training of… 
RGB-D-Based Object Recognition Using Multimodal Convolutional Neural Networks: A Survey
This survey will not only enable researchers to get a good overview of the state-of-the-art methods for RGB-D-based object recognition but also provide a reference for other multimodal machine learning applications, e.g., multimodals medical image fusion, audio-visual speech recognition, and multimedia retrieval and generation.
Convolutional Extreme Learning Machines: A Systematic Review
A systematic review that investigates alternative deep learning architectures that use extreme learning machine (ELM) for a faster training to solve problems based on image analysis to cope with some of the current problems in the image-based computer vision analysis.