• Chemistry
  • Published 2010

Multi-mode combustion device and method for using the device

  title={Multi-mode combustion device and method for using the device},
  author={매튜 제임스 와트슨 and 더글라스 제이 스트레인지 and 조셉 케이스 주레투스 and 케빈 알란 리에브레},
An apparatus for the duration of combustion of the combustion unit is started when a reduced or temporarily when the supply of the normal operation, the oxidizing agent or the normal operating fuel decay. All of the air or oxygen enriched air or oxygen and the gaseous fuel or liquid fuel or gaseous fuel and a liquid oxidizer top - is introduced into the combustion device, instead of executing fuel mixture combustion, and maintains the heat level in the furnace. Burner nine combustion mode, the… CONTINUE READING