Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger

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Gallagher and Lisa Marie Gerhardt and Kevin Ghorbani and William Giang and Theo Glauch and Thorsten Gl{\"u}senkamp and Azriel Goldschmidt and J. G. Gonzalez and Darren Grant and Zachary Griffith and Christian Haack and Allan Hallgren and Francis Halzen and Kael D. Hanson and Dustin Hebecker and David Heereman and Klaus Helbing and Robert Eugene Hellauer and Stephanie Virginia Hickford and Joshua Hignight and Gary C. Hill and K. D. Hoffman and Ruth Hoffmann and Ben Hokanson-Fasig and Kotoyo Hoshina and F. Huang and Monika Huber and Klas Hultqvist and Mirco H{\"u}nnefeld and Seongjin In and Aya Ishihara and Emanuel Jacobi and George S. Japaridze and Minjin Jeong and Kyle Jero and B. J. P. Jones and Piotr Kalaczyński and W. Kang and Alexander Kappes and Timo Karg and Albrecht Karle and Matthew Kauer and Azadeh Keivani and John Lawrence Kelley and Ali Kheirandish and J. H. Kim and M. S. Kim and T. Kintscher and Joanna Kiryluk and Teresa Kittler and Spencer R. Klein and Georges Kohnen and Ramesh Koirala and Hermann Kolanoski and Lutz K{\"o}pke and Claudio Kopper and Sandro Kopper and J P Koschinsky and D. Jason Koskinen and Marek Kowalski and Kai Michael Krings and Mike Kroll and G. Kr{\"u}ckl and Jan Kunnen and Samridha Kunwar and Naoko Kurahashi and Takeshi Kuwabara and Andreas L Kyriacou and Mathieu L. M. Labare and Justin Lanfranchi and Michael James Larson and F. Lauber and Mariola Lesiak-Bzdak and Martin Leuermann and Q R Liu and L. Lu and Jan D. L{\"u}nemann and W. Luszczak and J. Madsen and Giuliano Maggi and K. Mahn and Sarah Mancina and Reina Maruyama and Keiichi Mase and Ryan Maunu and Frank McNally and Kevin J. Meagher and Morten Medici and M. Meier and Thorben Menne and G. Merino and Thomas Meures and Sandra Miarecki and Jessica Micallef and G. Moment{\'e} and Teresa Montaruli and R. W. Moore and M. Moulai and Rolf Nahnhauer and Prabandha Nakarmi and Uwe Naumann and Gary L. Neer and Hans Niederhausen and Sarah C. Nowicki and David R. Nygren and A. Obertacke Pollmann and Andr{\'e}s Olivas and Aongus O'Murchadha and Tomasz Palczewski and Hershal Pandya and Daria Pankova and Patrick Peiffer and Joshua A. Pepper and Carlos P{\'e}rez de los Heros and Damian Pieloth and Elisa Pinat and Patricia Price and Gerald T. Przybylski and C. Raab and Leif R{\"a}del and M. Rameez and Katherine Rawlins and Immacolata Carmen Rea and Ren{\'e} Reimann and Ben Relethford and Matthew Relich and Elisa Resconi and Wolfgang Rhode and Michael Richman and S. M. Robertson and Martin Rongen and Carsten Rott and Tim Ruhe and Dirk Ryckbosch and Devyn Rysewyk and Thomas E. S{\"a}lzer and S. E. Sanchez Herrera and A. Sandrock and J. Sandroos and Marcos Santander and S. Sarkar and S. Sarkar and Konstancja Satalecka and Philipp Schlunder and Timothy W. Schmidt and A. Schneider and Sebastian Schoenen and Sebastian Sch{\"o}neberg and L. Schumacher and David Seckel and Surujhdeo Seunarine and J. Soedingrekso and Dennis Soldin and M. Song and G. M. Spiczak and Christian Spiering and J. Stachurska and Michael Stamatikos and Todor Stanev and Alexander Stasik and J. Stettner and Anna Steuer and Thorsten Stezelberger and Robert G. Stokstad and Achim St{\"o}{\ss}l and Nora Linn Strotjohann and T. Stuttard and Gregory W. Sullivan and Michael S. Sutherland and Igancio Taboada and Joulien Tatar and F. Tenholt and Samvel Ter-Antonyan and Andrii Terliuk and Gordana Tesic and Serap Tilav and Patrick A. Toale and M. N. Tobin and Simona Toscano and Delia Tosi and Maria Tselengidou and Chun Fai Tung and Andrea Turcati and C. F. Turley and Bunheng Ty and Elisabeth Unger and Marcel Usner and Justin Vandenbroucke and Ward Van Driessche and Nick van Eijndhoven and Sander Vanheule and Jakob van Santen and Markus Vehring and E. Vogel and Matthias Vraeghe and Christian Walck and A. Wallace and Marius Wallraff and F. David Wandler and Nancy Wandkowsky and Aatif Waza and C. Weaver and Matthew J Weiss and C. Wendt and Johannes Werthebach and B. J. Whelan and Klaus Wiebe and Christopher Wiebusch and Logan Wille and D R A Williams and L. Wills and Matthias Wolf and Terri R. Wood and E. Woolsey and Kurt Woschnagg and D. L. Xu and X. Xu and Y. Xu and Juan Pablo Y{\'a}{\~n}ez and Gaurang B. Yodh and S. Yoshida and T. Yuan and Marcel Zoll and Arvind Balasubramanian and Sujay Mate and Varun B. Bhalerao and D. Bhattacharya and Ajay M. Vibhute and Gulab Chand Dewangan and Arikkala Raghurama Rao and Santosh V. Vadawale and Dmitry S. Svinkin and Kevin Hurley and R. L. Aptekar' and Dmitry D. Frederiks and Sergei Golenetskii and A. V. Kozlova and Alexandra L. Lysenko and Philipp Oleynik and Anastasia Tsvetkova and Mikhail Ulanov and Thomas L. Cline and T. P. Li and S. L. Xiong and S. N. Zhang and F. J. Lu and Li-Ming Song and X. L. Cao and Zhi Chang and G. Chen and Lin Chen and T. X. Chen and Y. R. Chen and Y. B. Chen and Y. Chen and W. Cui and W. Cui and J. K. Deng and Y. W. Dong and Y. Y. Du and Minxue Fu and Guanhua Gao and H. K. Gao and Min Gao and Mingyu Ge and Y. Gu and J Guan and C. C. Guo and D. W. Han and W. W. Hu and Y. Huang and Jia Huo and Shumei Jia and L. H. Jiang and Wenbin Jiang and J. R. Jin and Y. J. Jin and B. Li and C. K. Li and G. Li and M. S. Li and W. Li and X. Li and X. B. Li and X F Li and Y. G. Li and Z. J. Li and Z. W. Li and Xiao-Hua Liang and J. Y. Liao and C. Z. Liu and G. Q. Liu and H. W. Liu and S. Z. Liu and X. J. Liu and Y. D. Liu and Y. N. Liu and B. Lu and X. F. Lu and T. Y. Luo and X. Ma and Bin Meng and Yi Nang and J. Y. Nie and Ge Ou and J. L. Qu and Na Sai and L. Sun and Y Tan and Lian Tao and W. H. Tao and Y. L. Tuo and G. F. Wang and H. Wang and J. O. Wang and W. Wang and Y. Wang and Xiangyang Wen and B. B. Wu and M. Wu and Guangcheng Xiao and H. Xu and Y. P. Xu and L. L. Yan and J. W. Yang and S. Yang and Y. J. Yang and Aimei Zhang and C L Zhang and C. M. Zhang and F. Zhang and H. M. Zhang and J. Zhang and Q. Zhang and S. B. Zhang and T. X. Zhang and W. Zhang and W. C. Zhang and W. Z. Zhang and Y. Zhang and Y. F. Zhang and Yehui Zhang and Z. Zhang and Z. L. Zhang and Hengyuan Zhao and J. L. Zhao and X. F. Zhao and Shili Zheng and Y. Zhu and Y. Zhu and C. L. Zou and A. Albert and Michel Andr{\'e} and Marco Anghinolfi and Miguel Ardid and Jj. Aubert and Julien Aublin and T. Avgitas and B. Baret and Javier Barrios-Mart{\'i} and S. Basa and Bouchra Belhorma and Vincent Bertin and Simone Biagi and Robert Bormuth and Simon Bourret and Mieke Bouwhuis and Horea Br{\^a}nzaş and Ronald Bruijn and J{\"u}rgen Brunner and Jos{\'e} Busto and Alessandro Capone and L. Caramete and J. Carr and Silvia Celli and Rajaa Cherkaoui El Moursli and Tommaso Chiarusi and Marco Circella and J. A. B. Coelho and A. Coleiro and Rosa Coniglione and Heide Costantini and Paschal Coyle and Alexandre Creusot and Antonio F. D{\'i}az and Andre Deschamps and Giulia De Bonis and Carla Distefano and I. Di Palma and Alba Domi and Corinne Donzaud and Damien Dornic and Doriane Drouhin and T Eberl and Imad El Bojaddaini and Na{\"i}ma El Khayati and D Els{\"a}sser and Alexander Enzenh{\"o}fer and A. Ettahiri and Farida Fassi and Ivan Felis and L. Fusco and Pascal Gay and V. Giordano and Herv{\'e} Glotin and Timoth{\'e}e Gr{\'e}goire and Rodrigo Gracia Ruiz and Kay Graf and Steffen Hallmann and Hans van Haren and A. J. Heijboer and Yann Hello and Juan Jos{\'e} Hern{\'a}ndez-Rey and J. H{\"o}ssl and Jannik Hofest{\"a}dt and C. Hugon and G. Illuminati and Clancy W. James and M. de Jong and Martijn Jongen and Matthias Kadler and O. Kalekin and Uli Katz and D. Kiessling and Antoine Kouchner and Michael Kreter and Ingo Kreykenbohm and Vladimir Kulikovskiy and Cyril Lachaud and Robert Lahmann and Dominique Lef{\`e}vre and E. Leonora and M. Lotze and Sotiris Loucatos and Michel Marcelin and Annarita Margiotta and Antonio Marinelli and Juan Antonio Mart{\'i}nez-Mora and Rosa Mele and Karel Melis and Tino Michael and Pasquale Migliozzi and Abdelilah Moussa and Sergio Navas and Emmanuel Nezri and M. Organokov and Gabriela Emilia Pǎvǎlaş and Craig Pellegrino and Chiara Perrina and Paolo Piattelli and Vlad Popa and Thierry Pradier and Liam Quinn and Chantal Racca and G. Riccobene and A. S{\'a}nchez-Losa and Mar{\'i}a Salda{\~n}a and Ilenia Salvadori and Dorothea Franziska Elisabeth Samtleben and Matteo Sanguineti and Piera Sapienza and C. Sieger and Maurizio Spurio and Th. Stolarczyk and Mauro Gino Taiuti and Yahya Tayalati and Agata Trovato and Damien Turpin and Christoph T{\"o}nnis and B. Vallage and V'eronique Van Elewyck and Federico Versari and Daniele Vivolo and Alessio Vizzoca and Joern Wilms and J. D. Zornoza and J. Z{\'u}{\~n}iga and Andrew P. Beardmore and A. A. Breeveld and David N. Burrows and S. Bradley Cenko and G Cusumano and A. D’A{\`i} and Massimiliano de Pasquale and S. W. K. Emery and Phil A. Evans and Paolo Giommi and C. Gronwall and J. A. Kennea and Hans A. Krimm and N. P. M. Kuin and A. Y. Lien and Fiona Marshall and A. Melandri and J A Nousek and Samantha R. Oates and Julian P. Osborne and Claudio Pagani and Kim L. Page and David M. Palmer and Matteo Perri and Michael H. Siegel and B. Sbarufatti and Giampiero Tagliaferri and Aaron Tohuvavohu and Marco Tavani and Francesco Verrecchia and Andrea Bulgarelli and Yuri Evangelista and Luigi Pacciani and Marco Feroci and Carlotta Pittori and Alessandro Giuliani and Ettore Del Monte and Immacolata Donnarumma and Andrea Argan and Alessio Trois and Alessandro Ursi and Martina Cardillo and G. Piano and Francesco Longo and Fabrizio Lucarelli and Pere Munar-Adrover and Fabio Fuschino and Claudio Labanti and M. Marisaldi and Gabriele Minervini and Valentina Fioretti and Nicol{\'o} Parmiggiani and Fulvio Gianotti and Massimo Trifoglio and Giuseppe Di Persio and Lucio Angelo Antonelli and Guido Barbiellini and Patricia A. Caraveo and Paolo Walter Cattaneo and E. Costa and Sergio Colafrancesco and Flavio D’Amico and Attilio Ferrari and A. Morselli and Federico Paoletti and P. Picozza and Maura Pilia and Andrea Rappoldi and Paolo Soffitta and Stefano Vercellone and Ryan J. Foley and David A. Coulter and Charles D. Kilpatrick and Maria R. Drout and Anthony L. Piro and B. J. Shappee and Matthew R. Siebert and Joshua D. Simon and N. Ulloa and Daniel Kasen and B. F. Madore and Ariadna Murguia-Berthier and Y.-C. Pan and Jason Xavier Prochaska and Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz and Armin Rest and C{\'e}sar Rojas-Bravo and E. Berger and Marcelle Soares-Santos and James T. Annis and Kate D. Alexander and Sahar Allam and Eduardo Balbinot and Peter K. Blanchard and Dillon J. Brout and Robert E. Butler and Ryan Chornock and Evan Russell Cook and Philip S. Cowperthwaite and H. Thomas Diehl and Alex Drlica-Wagner and Maria R. Drout and Florence Durret and Tarraneh Eftekhari and David A. Finley and W. Fong and Joshua A. Frieman and Chris L. Fryer and Juan Garc{\'i}a-Bellido and Robert A. Gruendl and William G. Hartley and Ken Herner and Richard Kessler and H. L. Lin and Paulo A. A. Lopes and Ana C. C. Lourenço and Raffaella Margutti and Jennifer L. Marshall and Thomas Matheson and Gustavo E. Medina and Brian D. Metzger and R. R. Mu{\~n}oz and J. Muir and Matt Nicholl and Peter E. Nugent and Antonella Palmese and Francisco Paz-Chinch{\'o}n and Eliot Quataert and Masao Sako and Marcus Sauseda and David J. Schlegel and Dan Scolnic and Lucas F. Secco and N. Smith and Flavia Sobreira and V. Ashley Villar and Anna Katherina Vivas and W. Wester and Peter K. G. Williams and Brian Yanny and A. Zenteno and Y. Zhang and T. M. C. Abbott and Manda Banerji and Keith C. Bechtol and A. Benoit-L{\'e}vy and E. Bertin and David Brooks and Elizabeth Buckley-Geer and David L. Burke and Diego Capozzi and Aurelio Carnero Rosell and Matias Carrasco Kind and Francisco J. Castander and Mart{\'i}n Crocce and Carlos E. Cunha and Chris D'Andrea and L. N. da Costa and C. Davis and Darren Lee Depoy and Shantanu Desai and J. P. Dietrich and T. F. Eifler and Eduardo B. Fernandez and Brenna L. Flaugher and Pablo Fosalba and E. Gaztanaga and David W. Gerdes and T. Giannantonio and D. A. Goldstein and Daniel Gruen and Julia Gschwend and Gaston R. Guti{\'e}rrez and Klaus Honscheid and David J. James and Tesla E. Jeltema and M. W. G. Johnson and M. D. Johnson and Stephen Kent and E. Krause and Richard Kron and Kyler W. Kuehn and Ofer Lahav and M. Lima and Marcio A. G. Maia and M March and Paul Martini and R. McMahon and Felipe Menanteau and C J Miller and Ramon Miquel and Joseph J. Mohr and Robert C. Nichol and R. L. C. Ogando and A. A. Plazas and A. K. Romer and Aaron Roodman and Eli S. Rykoff and E. Sanchez and Victor E. Scarpine and Rafe H. Schindler and Michael S. Schubnell and Ignacio Sevilla-Noarbe and Erin S. Sheldon and M. Smith and R. C. Smith and Albert Stebbins and Eric Suchyta and Mollye E. C. Swanson and Gregory G. Tarl{\'e} and R. C. Thomas and M. A. Troxel and Douglas L. Tucker and Vinu Vikram and Alistair R. Walker and Risa H. Wechsler and Jochen Weller and Jeffrey L. Carlin and Mandeep S. S. Gill and T. S. Li and John Marriner and Eric H. Neilsen and Joshua B. Haislip and Vladimir V. Kouprianov and Daniel E. Reichart and David. J. Sand and Leonardo Tartaglia and Stefano Valenti and S. Yang and Stefano Benetti and Enzo Brocato and Sergio Campana and Enrico Cappellaro and Stefano Covino and Paolo D’Avanzo and V. D’Elia and Fedor I. Getman and Giancarlo Ghirlanda and Gabriele Ghisellini and Luca Limatola and Luciano Nicastro and Eliana Palazzi and Elena Pian and Silvia Piranomonte and Andrea Possenti and Andrea Rossi and Om Sharan Salafia and Lina Tomasella and Lorenzo Amati and Lucio Angelo Antonelli and Maria Grazia Bernardini and Filomena Bufano and Massimo Capaccioli and Piergiorgio Casella and Mauro Dadina and Giovanni de Cesare and A. Di Paola and Gaetano Giuffrida and Alessandra Giunta and G. L. Israel and M. Lisi and E Maiorano and Michela Mapelli and Nicola Masetti and Alessio Pescalli and L. Pulone and Ruben Salvaterra and Pietro Schipani and Mario Spera and A. Stamerra and Lorenzo Stella and Vincenzo Testa and Massimo Turatto and Daniela Vergani and Giambattista Aresu and Matteo Bachetti and Franco Buffa and Marta Burgay and Marco Buttu and T. Caria and Ettore Carretti and Viviana Casasola and P. Castangia and G. Carboni and Silvia Casu and Raimondo Concu and A. Corongiu and G. L. Deiana and Elise Egron and Antonietta Fara and Francesco Gaudiomonte and V. Gusai and Adelaide Ladu and Sara Loru and S. Leurini and Lidia Marongiu and Andrea Melis and Grethel Salgueiro Melis and Carlo Migoni and Sabrina Milia and Alessandro Navarrini and A. Orlati and P. Ortu and Simonetta Palmas and Alberto Pellizzoni and D. Perrodin and Tonino Pisanu and S. Poppi and Simona Righini and Andrea Saba and Giampaolo Serra and M. Serrau and M. Stagni and G. Surcis and Valentina Vacca and Gian Paolo Vargiu and Leslie K. Hunt and Zhiping Jin and S. Klose and C. Kouveliotou and P. Mazzali and Palle M{\o}ller and Lara Nava and Tsvi Piran and Jonatan Selsing and Susanna D. Vergani and K. Wiersema and Kenji Toma and A B Higgins and C. G. Mundell and Sperello di Serego Alighieri and Diego Gotz and Weihong Gao and Andreja Gomboc and Lex Kaper and Sosuke Kobayashi and Drejc Kopa{\vc} and J. Mao and Rhaana L. C. Starling and Iain A. Steele and Alexander J. van der Horst and Fabio Acero and William Atwood and Luca Baldini and Guido Barbiellini and Denis Bastieri and Bijan Berenji and Ronaldo Bellazzini and E. Bissaldi and R. D. Blandford and Elliott D. Bloom and Raffaella Bonino and Eugenio Bottacini and Johan Bregeon and R. Buehler and Sara Buson and R. A. Cameron and R. Caputo and Patricia A. Caraveo and Elisabetta Cavazzuti and A. Chekhtman and C. C. Cheung and J. Chiang and Stefano Ciprini and J. Cohen-Tanugi and Lynn R. Cominsky and Denise Costantin and Alessandro Cuoco and Filippo D’Ammando and Francesco de Palma and S. W. Digel and Niccol{\`o} Di Lalla and M. Di Mauro and L. Di Venere and Richard Dubois and Stephen J. Fegan and W. B. Focke and Anna Franckowiak and Y. Fukazawa and S. Funk and Piergiorgio Fusco and Fabio Gargano and Dario Gasparrini and Nicola Giglietto and Francesco Giordano and Marcello Giroletti and Tom Glanzman and D. Green and M.-H. Grondin and Lucas Guillemot and S. Guiriec and A. K. Harding and Deirdre Horan and Guðlaugur J{\'o}hannesson and Tuneyoshi Kamae and Shiki Kensei and Michael Kuss and G. La Mura and Luca Latronico and Marianne Lemoine-Goumard and Francesco Longo and Francesco Loparco and Michael N. Lovellette and Pasquale Lubrano and J. D. Magill and Simone Maldera and Alberto Manfreda and Mario Nicola Mazziotta and J. Mcenery and M. Meyer and P. F. Michelson and Nestor Mirabal and M. E. Monzani and Enrico Moretti and A. Morselli and Igor V. Moskalenko and Michela Negro and Eric Nuss and R. Ojha and Nicola Omodei and Monica Orienti and E. Orlando and M. Palatiello and Vaidehi S. Paliya and D. Paneque and Melissa Pesce-Rollins and F. Piron and T. A. Porter and Giacomo Principe and S. Rain{\'o} and Riccardo Rando and Massimiliano Razzano and Soebur Razzaque and Anita Reimer and O. Reimer and Thierry Reposeur and L. S. Rochester and P. M. Saz Parkinson and Carmelo Sgro’ and Eric J. Siskind and Francesca R. Spada and Gloria Spandre and Daniel J. Suson and M. Takahashi and Y. T. Tanaka and John Gregg Thayer and Jana Thayer and D. J. Thompson and Luigi Tibaldo and D. F. Torres and Eleonora Torresi and Eleonora Troja and Tonia M. Venters and Giacomo Vianello and Gabrijela Zaharijas and James R. Allison and Keith W. Bannister and Dougal Dobie and D. L. Kaplan and Emil Lenc and Christene Lynch and Tara Murphy and Elaine M. Sadler and Aidan Hotan and Curtis N. James and Stefan Osłowski and Wasim Raja and Ryan M. Shannon and Matthew T. Whiting and Iair Arcavi and D. Andrew Howell and Curtis McCully and Griffin Hosseinzadeh and Daichi Hiramatsu and Dovi Poznanski and Jennifer Barnes and Michael Zaltzman and Sergiy S. Vasylyev and Dan Maoz and Jeffrey Cooke and Matthew Bailes and Christian Wolf and Adam T. Deller and Chris Lidman and L. F. Wang and Bruce Gendre and Igor Andreoni and Kendall Ackley and Tyler Pritchard and Michael S. Bessell and S.-W. Chang and Anais M{\"o}ller and Christopher A. Onken and Richard A. Scalzo and Ryan Ridden-Harper and Rob Sharp and Brad E. Tucker and Terence James Farrell and E Elmer and Simon Johnston and Vivek Venkatraman Krishnan and Evan F. Keane and J. A. Green and Andrew Jameson and Lei Hu and Baofu Ma and Tianrui Sun and X. Q. Wu and X. F. Wang and Zhousheng Shang and Y. M. Hu and Michael C. B. Ashley and X. Y. Yuan and X. Li and Charling Tao and Z. P. Zhu and H. Zhang and Nicholas B. Suntzeff and J. Zhou and J. Yang and Brice Orange and D. Morris and A. Cucchiara and Timothy W. Giblin and A. Klotz and Jan. E. Staff and Pierre Thierry and Brian P. Schmidt and Nial R. Tanvir and Andrew J. Levan and Zach Cano and A. de Ugarte-Postigo and Carlos Gonzalez-Fernandez and J. Greiner and Jens Hjorth and Michael Irwin and T. Kr{\"u}hler and Ilya Mandel and Bo Milvang-Jensen and P. O’Brien and Evert Rol and S. Rosetti and Stephan Rosswog and Antonia Rowlinson and D Steeghs and Christina C. Th{\"o}ne and Krzystof Ulaczyk and Darach Watson and S. H. Bruun and Ry Cutter and R. Figuera Jaimes and Yoshinori Fujii and Andrew S. Fruchter and Benjamin Gompertz and P. Jakobsson and Gabriella Hodos{\'a}n and U. G. J{\`e}rgensen and Tuomas Kangas and David Alexander Kann and Markus Rabus and Sophie L. Schr{\o}der and Elizabeth R. Stanway and R A M J Wijers and Vladimir M. Lipunov and E. Gorbovskoy and V. G. Kornilov and N. V. Tyurina and Pavel Balanutsa and Artem Kuznetsov and Daniil Vlasenko and Ricardo Podest{\'a} and Concepci{\'o}n L{\'o}pez and Federico Podest{\'a} and H. Levato and Carlos Saffe and C. C. Mallamaci and Nikolay Budnev and O. A. Gress and Dmitry Kuvshinov and I. Gorbunov and Vladimir Vladimirov and D. S. Zimnukhov and A. V. Gabovich and Vladimir Yurkov and Yu. P. Sergienko and Rafael Rebolo and Miquel Serra-Ricart and A. Tlatov and Yu. V. Ishmuhametova and F. Abe and Kentaro Aoki and W. Aoki and Yuichiro Asakura and S. Baar and Sudhanshu Barway and Ian A. Bond and Masao Doi and François Finet and Takuya Fujiyoshi and Hisanori Furusawa and Satoshi Honda and Ryohei Itoh and N. Kanda and Koji S. Kawabata and Miho Kawabata and J. H. Kim and Shintaro Koshida and Daisuke Kuroda and C-H. Lee and W. Liu and Kiyoka Matsubayashi and S. Miyazaki and Kumiko Morihana and Tomoki Morokuma and Kentaro Motohara and Katsuhiro L. Murata and Hiroshi Nagai and Hironori Nagashima and Takahiro Nagayama and Tatsuya Nakaoka and Fumiaki Nakata and Ryou Ohsawa and Tomohito Ohshima and Kouji Ohta and Hirofumi Okita and T. Saito and Y. Saito and Shigeyuki Sako and Yuichiro Sekiguchi and T. Sumi and A. Tajitsu and J. Takahashi and Mire. Auteur du texte Takayama and Yoichi Tamura and Ichi Tanaka and M Tanaka and Tsuyoshi Terai and Nozomu Tominaga and Paul J. Tristram and M. Uemura and Yousuke Utsumi and Masaki S. Yamaguchi and Naoki Yasuda and M. Yoshida and Tetsuya Zenko and Scott M. Adams and G. C. Anupama and J. M. Bally and Sudhanshu Barway and Eric C. Bellm and N. Blagorodnova and C. Cannella and Poonam Chandra and Deep Chatterjee and Tracy E. Clarke and B. E. Cobb and David O. Cook and C. M. Copperwheat and K. De and S. W. K. Emery and Ulrich Feindt and Karl Foster and Ori D. Fox and Dale A. Frail and Christoffer U. Fremling and Chris Frohmaier and J. A. Benitez Garcia and S. Ghosh and Simona Giacintucci and Ariel Goobar and Ore Gottlieb and Brian W. Grefenstette and Gregg W. Hallinan and Fiona A. Harrison and Marianne Heida and George Helou and Anna Y. Q. Ho and Assaf Horesh and Kenta Hotokezaka and W. H. Ip and Ryohei Itoh and Bob Jacobs and Jacob E. Jencson and Daniel Kasen and Mansi M. Kasliwal and Namir E. Kassim and H. Kim and Bellam Venkata Sai Kiran and N. P. M. Kuin and Shrinivas R. Kulkarni and Tobias Kupfer and Ryan M. Lau and Keith Madsen and P. Mazzali and A. Miller and Hiromasa Miyasaka and Kunal P. Mooley and Steven Theodore Myers and Ehud Nakar and Choong Ngeow and Peter E. Nugent and Eran. O. Ofek and Nipuni T. Palliyaguru and M. Pavana and Daniel A. Perley and W. M. Peters and Sean N. Pike and Tsvi Piran and H. Qi and Robert M. Quimby and Javed Rana and Stephan Rosswog and Florin Rusu and Angela van Sistine and Jesper Sollerman and Y. Xu and L. Yan and Yoichi Yatsu and P. C. Yu and C. Zhang and Wenlai Zhao and Kenneth C. Chambers and Mark E. Huber and A. S. B. Schultz and Joanna Bulger and Heather Flewelling and Eugene. A. Magnier and Thomas B Lowe and Richard Wainscoat and Christopher Z. Waters and M. Willman and Ken Ebisawa and Cao Hanyu and Shohei Harita and Toshihiro Hashimoto and K. Hidaka and Takao Hori and Masashi Ishikawa and Naoki Isobe and Wataru B. Iwakiri and Hiroki Kawai and Nobuyki Kawai and Taiki Kawamuro and T. Kawase and Y. Kitaoka and K. Makishima and Masaaki Matsuoka and T. Mihara and Takashi Morita and Kotaro Morita and Satoshi Nakahira and M. Nakajima and Y. Nakamura and Hitoshi Negoro and Saeko Oda and A. Sakamaki and Ryo Sasaki and Motoko Serino and Megumi Shidatsu and Reiho Shimomukai and Yasuharu Sugawara and Shintaro Sugita and Mutsumi Sugizaki and Yutaro Tachibana and Y. Takao and Atsushi Tanimoto and Hideomi Tomida and Y. Tsuboi and Hiroshi Tsunemi and Y. Ueda and Shu-ichi Ueno and Satoshi Yamada and Kazutaka Yamaoka and M. Yamauchi and Fumiaki Yatabe and Tomokage Yoneyama and Taketoshi Yoshii and D. M. Coward and H. Crisp and Damien Macpherson and Igor Andreoni and Romain Laugier and Kanthanakorn Noysena and A. Klotz and Bruce Gendre and Pierre Thierry and Damien Turpin and M. Im and C. Choi and J. H. Kim and Yosep Yoon and G. Lim and S.-K. Lee and C.‐U. Lee and S.-L. Kim and S W Ko and Joon Ik Joe and Mi Kyung Kwon and P. J. Kim and S.-K. Lim and J.-S. Choi and Johan P. U. Fynbo and Daniele B. Malesani and D. Xu and S. J. Smartt and Anders Jerkstrand and Erkki Kankare and Stuart A. Sim and Morgan Fraser and Cosimo Inserra and Kate Maguire and Giorgos Leloudas and Mark R. 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  journal={The Astrophysical Journal Letters},
On 2017 August 17 a binary neutron star coalescence candidate (later designated GW170817) with merger time 12:41:04 UTC was observed through gravitational waves by the Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo detectors. The Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor independently detected a gamma-ray burst (GRB 170817A) with a time delay of ∼ 1.7 s with respect to the merger time. From the gravitational-wave signal, the source was initially localized to a sky region of 31 deg2 at a luminosity distance of 40 − 8 + 8… 

Mergers of binary neutron star systems: a multi-messenger revolution

On 17 August 2017, less than two years after the direct detection of gravitational radiation from the merger of two ∼30 M⊙ black holes, a binary neutron star merger was identified as the source of a

Mergers of Binary Neutron Star Systems: A Multimessenger Revolution

  • E. Pian
  • Physics
    Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
  • 2020
On August 17, 2017, less than two years after the direct detection of gravitational radiation from the merger of two ∼ 30 M ⊙ black holes, a binary neutron star merger was identified as the source of

A Late-time Galaxy-targeted Search for the Radio Counterpart of GW190814

GW190814 was a compact object binary coalescence detected in gravitational waves by Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo that garnered exceptional community interest due to its excellent localization and

Neutron Star Binary Mergers: The Legacy of GW170817 and Future Prospects

In 2015, the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) and Advanced Virgo began observing the Universe in a revolutionary way. Gravitational waves from cosmic sources were

Multi-Messenger Observations of GRBs: The GW connection

  • E. Bissaldi
  • Physics
    Proceedings of 36th International Cosmic Ray Conference — PoS(ICRC2019)
  • 2019
Two years ago, the astronomical community witnessed a historical breakthrough observation: the detection of a short Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) by gamma-ray instruments in coincidence with the detection of

Magnetically Inspired Explosive Outflows from Neutron-star Mergers

Binary neutron-star mergers have long been associated with short-duration gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). This connection was confirmed with the first coincident detection of gravitational waves together

Asymmetric mass ratios for bright double neutron-star mergers

Pulsar timing measurements indicate that such asymmetric binaries represent between 2 and 30 per cent (90 per cent confidence) of the total population of merging binaries, and the coalescence of a member of this population offers a possible explanation for the anomalous properties of GW170817.

A mildly relativistic wide-angle outflow in the neutron-star merger event GW170817

The cocoon model explains the radio light curve of GW170817, as well as the γ-ray and X-ray emission (and possibly also the ultraviolet and optical emission), and is the model that is most consistent with the observational data.

A Kilonova Following a Long-Duration Gamma-Ray Burst at 350 Mpc

Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are divided into two populations [1, 2]; long GRBs that derive from the core-collapse -ray prolonged, spectrally-softer extended emission (EE-SGRBs), suggested to from compact




In the last thirty years, gamma-ray bursts have grown from an oddity to a central position in astrophysics. Not only are they the largest explosions since the big bang, capable of flooding most of

Pi of the Sky in LSC-Virgo's EM follow-up in O1 science run

Presented in this contribution are results gathered by Pi of the Sky during LSC-Virgo O1 science run. Pi of the Sky took part in LSC-Virgo's Electromagnetic (EM) Follow-up project during first

Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars: The Physics of Compact Objects

Stuart L Shapiro and Saul A Teukolsky 1983 Chichester: John Wiley xvii + 645 pp price £37.95 (£20.45 paperback) ISBN 0 471 87317 9 Hdbk, 0 471 87316 0 Pbk No physics course is really complete without

for the H.E.S.S. Collaboration

  • Physics
  • 2003
The H.E.S.S. experiment (High Energy Stereoscopic System) is a new generation atmospheric Cherenkov detector measuring high-energy (> 100 GeV) gamma radiation from the Universe. This paper briefly

Ligo-Cbc/Pycbc: O2 Production Release 7

This is the sixth production release for O2. It is based on the 1.6.4 release and contains a bug fix needed for Pegasus 4.7.4 and a fix to the instructions for OSG running. This release also contains


Разработан метод асимметрического синтеза нового β-гетероциклически замещенного производного (2S,3S)-allo-α-аминомасляной кислоты – (2S,3S)-3-[2-тиоксо-2,3-дигидробензимидазол-1-ил]-2-аминомасляной

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