Multi-layer health-aware economic predictive control of a pasteurization pilot plant

  title={Multi-layer health-aware economic predictive control of a pasteurization pilot plant},
  author={Fatemeh Karimi Pour and Vicenç Puig and Carlos Ocampo‐Martinez},
  journal={International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science},
  pages={110 - 97}
Abstract This paper proposes two different health-aware economic predictive control strategies that aim at minimizing the damage of components in a pasteurization plant. The damage is assessed with a rainflow-counting algorithm that allows estimating the components’ fatigue. By using the results obtained from this algorithm, a simplified model that characterizes the health of the system is developed and integrated into the predictive controller. The overall control objective is modified by… 
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  • T. Khadir
  • Engineering
    2007 European Control Conference (ECC)
  • 2007
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