Multi-institutional prostate cancer study of genetic susceptibility in populations of African descent.

  title={Multi-institutional prostate cancer study of genetic susceptibility in populations of African descent.},
  author={Emanuela Taioli and Rafael E Flores-Obando and Ilir Agalliu and Pascal Blanchet and Clareann H. Bunker and Robert E. Ferrell and Maria Jackson and La Creis Kidd and Suzanne Kolb and Nicol A Lavender and Norma McFarlane-Anderson and Seian S Morrison and Luc Multigner and Elaine A Ostrande and Jong Y. Park and Alan Leslie Patrick and Timothy R. Rebbeck and Marc Romana and Janet L. Stanford and Flora A. M. Ukoli and Tiva T Vancleave and Charnita M Zeigler-Johnson and Batsirai Mutetwa and Camille Ragin},
  volume={32 9},
Prostate cancer disparities have been reported in men of African descent who show the highest incidence, mortality, compared with other ethnic groups. Few studies have explored the genetic and environmental factors for prostate cancer in men of African ancestry. The glutathione-S-transferases family conjugates carcinogens before their excretion and is expressed in prostate tissue. This study addressed the role of GSTM1 and GSTT1 deletions on prostate cancer risk in populations of African… CONTINUE READING
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