Multi-generation-robust Coding with JPEG XS

  title={Multi-generation-robust Coding with JPEG XS},
  author={Thomas Richter and Joachim Keinert and Antonin Descampe and Ga{\"e}l Rouvroy and Alexandre Will{\`e}me},
  journal={2017 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM)},
The JPEG committee (formally, ISO SC29 WG1) is currently standardizing a lightweight mezzanine codec for video over IP transport under the name JPEG XS. A particular challenging design constraint of this codec is multi-generation robustness, that is the necessity to minimize the error built-up under multiple re-compression cycles. In this paper, we discuss the sources of such errors, how they are avoided in the JPEG XS design and compare the multi-generation robustness of JPEG XS with that of… 

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