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Multi-fidelity methods for uncertainty propagation in kinetic equations

  title={Multi-fidelity methods for uncertainty propagation in kinetic equations},
  author={Giacomo Dimarco and Liu Liu and Lorenzo Pareschi and Xueyu Zhu},
— The construction of efficient methods for uncertainty quantification in kinetic equations represents a challenge due to the high dimensionality of the models: often the computational costs involved become prohibitive. On the other hand, precisely because of the curse of dimensionality, the construction of simplified models capable of providing approximate solutions at a computationally reduced cost has always represented one of the main research strands in the field of kinetic equations… 


A bi-fidelity stochastic collocation method for transport equations with diffusive scaling and multi-dimensional random inputs
An introduction to uncertainty quantification for kinetic equations and related problems
  • L. Pareschi
  • Computer Science
    Trails in Kinetic Theory
  • 2021
A survey on some of the recent progress on multi-fidelity methods and stochastic Galerkin methods for kinetic equations and related problems with random inputs.
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Novel mean-field Control Variate methods that are able to strongly reduce the variance of the standard Monte Carlo sampling method in the random space are developed.
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It is found that time savings are highly problem dependent and that MFM methods provided time savings up to 90% and guidelines for authors to present their MFM savings in a way that is useful to future MFM users are included.
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Differences between various multi-fidelity surrogate (MFS) frameworks are investigated with the aid of examples including algebraic functions and a borehole example, found to be more useful for saving computational time rather than improving accuracy.
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A numerical approach for the stochastic collocation method with multifidelity simulation models to combine the computational efficiency of low-f fidelity models with the high accuracy of high-fidelity models.