Multi-element geochemical mapping in Southern China☆

  title={Multi-element geochemical mapping in Southern China☆},
  author={Zhizhong Cheng and Xuejing Xie and Wensheng Yao and Jizhou Feng and Qin Zhang and Jindong Fang},
  booktitle={Journal of geochemical exploration},
The 76-element Geochemical Mapping (76 GEM) Project was undertaken in southwestern China in 2000 and in southeastern China in 2008. In this project, 5244 composite samples of stream sediment at a density of one composite sample for each 1:50,000-scale map sheet were prepared from sample archives of the China Regional Geochemistry-National Reconnaissance (RGNR) Project, which have been available since 1978. The 76 elements were analyzed by using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP… CONTINUE READING