Multi-drug-resistant hypertension caused by severe aortic coarctation presenting in late adulthood.


Aortic coarctation, a congenital narrowing in the region of the ligamentum arteriosium, is a rare etiology for multi-drug-resistant hypertension in adulthood; however, advances in stenting modalities may offer long-term improvements in morbidity and possibly even cure. We report on a female patient in her late 50s presenting with refractory hypertension and severely elevated renin levels, ultimately diagnosed with aortic coarctation and treated with percutaneous stent implantation, which resulted in successful blood pressure control with verapamil monotherapy. This case highlights the efficacy of endovascular stent implantation for the treatment of coarctation and the need for clinicians to consider this disease entity in the differential diagnosis of refractory hypertension even in late adulthood.

DOI: 10.1111/jch.12495

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@article{Meller2015MultidrugresistantHC, title={Multi-drug-resistant hypertension caused by severe aortic coarctation presenting in late adulthood.}, author={Stephanie M. Meller and John T. Fahey and John F Setaro and John K. Forrest}, journal={Journal of clinical hypertension}, year={2015}, volume={17 4}, pages={313-6} }