Multi-cloud Applications Security Monitoring

  title={Multi-cloud Applications Security Monitoring},
  author={Pamela Carvallo and Ana R. Cavalli and Wissam Mallouli and Erkuden Rios},
The issue of data security and privacy in multi-cloud based environments requires different solutions for implementing and enforcing security policies. In these environments, many security aspects must be faced, such as security-by-design, risk management, data privacy and isolation, and vulnerability scans. Moreover, it also becomes necessary to have a system that interrelates and operates all security controls which are configured and executed independently on each component of the… 
A Platform for Security Monitoring of Multi-cloud Applications
A security assurance platform to monitor and control the security in the context of multi-cloud applications and an efficient system that interrelates and operates all security controls that are configured and executed independently on each component of the system.
Monitoring of Access Control Policy for Refinement and Improvements
This paper proposes a policy monitoring infrastructure able to identify policy abnormal behaviour and prevent misuse in granting/denying further accesses and relies on coverage adequacy criteria as well as KPIs definition for assessing the most common usage behaviors and provide feedback for refinement and maintenance of the current access control policy.
Leveraging Smart Environments for Runtime Resources Management
A dynamic and flexible infrastructure able to perform runtime resources’ management by decoupling the different levels of SE control rules is proposed, which allows to simplify their continuous updating and improvement, thus reducing the maintenance effort.
SAMUEL OLAIYA AFOLARANMI: Multi-cloud Security Mechanisms for Smart Environments Tampere University of technology Master of Science Thesis, 66 pages, 10 Appendix pages May 2018 Master’s Degree
A dynamic and scalable solution for improving daily life safety
A dynamic and flexible infrastructure to be installed and applied into daily realities, able to maximize safety and security with an extremely low impact on the maintenance and the updating effort is provided.
A Survey on Global Management View: Toward Combining System Monitoring, Resource Management, and Load Prediction
The article discusses resource and application monitoring, resource management, and data forecast at both performance and architectural perspectives of enterprise systems, together with novel trends, including cloud elasticity and artificial intelligence-based load prediction algorithms.
Access Control Policy Coverage Assessment Through Monitoring
An instantiation of the proposed infrastructure for assessing the XACML policy testing is shown, independent from the policy specification language and does not require the instrumentation of the evaluation engine.
Boosting a Low-Cost Smart Home Environment with Usage and Access Control Rules
This paper proposes a low cost, easy to install, user-friendly, dynamic and flexible infrastructure able to perform runtime resources management by decoupling the different levels of control rules to simplify the continuous updating and improvement.
On-line tracing of XACML-based policy coverage criteria
A set of XACML coverage criteria is introduced and the access control infrastructure, based on a monitor engine, is described, enabling the coverage criterion selection and the on-line tracing of the testing activity.
Security in the Cloud: an anomaly-based detection framework for the insider threats. (Sécurité dans le cloud: framework de détection de menaces internes basé sur l'analyse d'anomalies)
Le Cloud Computing ouvre de nouvelles possibilites pour des services plus flexibles and efficaces pour les clients de services en nuage (CSC), notamment le fait que, ce qui autrefois etait un domaine prive pour les CSC, est desormais gere par un tiers, and donc soumis a ses politiques de securite.


Intrusion Detection and Countermeasure of Virtual Cloud Systems - State of the Art and Current Challenges
Clouds are distributed Internet-based platforms that provide highly resilient and scalable environments to be used by enterprises in a multitude of ways. Cloud computing offers enterprises technology
A multi-criteria analysis of intrusion detection architectures in cloud environments
It is argued that Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) integrated in the cloud is one of the best existing solutions nowadays in the field.
An intrusion detection and prevention system in cloud computing: A systematic review
SLA-Driven Monitoring of Multi-cloud Application Components Using the MUSA Framework
This paper presents the SLA-driven monitoring of multi-cloud application security compliance, based on the Montimage Monitoring Tool, that combines Deep Packet Inspection and data mining techniques to collect and analyse measurements at both network and application component levels for a holistic assurance.
Towards Model-Driven Provisioning, Deployment, Monitoring, and Adaptation of Multi-cloud Systems
A classification of the state-of-the-art of cloud solutions is provided, and the need for model-driven engineering techniques and methods facilitating the specification of provisioning, deployment, monitoring, and adaptation concerns of multi-cloud systems at design-time and their enactment at run-time is argued.
Towards Cross-Layer Monitoring of Multi-Cloud Service-Based Applications
This paper proposes a monitoring framework for Multi-Cloud SBAs with two main objectives: to perform cross-layer (Cloud and SOA) monitoring enabling concerted adaptation actions; and to address new challenges raised in Multi- Cloud SBA deployment.
Lifecycle management of service-based applications on multi-clouds: a research roadmap
This paper proposes solutions to challenges in the deployment of complex distributed applications on multiple Cloud providers and highlights the expected benefits in the context of a complex distributed application.
Multi-Cloud: expectations and current approaches
  • D. Petcu
  • Computer Science
    MultiCloud '13
  • 2013
This paper intends to offer a snapshot of the current state-of-the-art and to identify the future steps in building Multi-Clouds, and a list of basic requirements for a Multi- Cloud is proposed.
Inter‐Cloud architectures and application brokering: taxonomy and survey
This work proposes and motivate taxonomies for Inter‐Cloud architectures and application brokering mechanisms, and presents a detailed survey of the state of the art in terms of both academic and industry developments.