Multi-charge transfer from photodoped ITO nanocrystals

  title={Multi-charge transfer from photodoped ITO nanocrystals},
  author={Michele Ghini and Andrea Rubino and Andrea Camellini and Ilka Kriegel},
  journal={Nanoscale Advances},
  pages={6628 - 6634}
Metal oxide nanocrystals are emerging as an extremely versatile material for addressing many of the current challenging demands of energy-conversion technology. Being able to exploit their full potential is not only an advantage but also a scientific and economic ambition for a more sustainable energy development. In this direction, the photodoping of metal oxide nanocrystals is a very notable process that allows accumulating multiple charge carriers per nanocrystal after light absorption. The… 
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Multi-charge Transfer from Photodoped ITO Nanocrystals Michele Ghini, 1,2 Andrea Rubino, 3 Andrea Camellini, 3 Ilka Kriegel 3,a)

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