Multi-channel experimental and theoretical constraints for the $^{116}$Cd($^{20}$Ne,$^{20}$F)$^{116}$In charge exchange reaction at 306 MeV

  title={Multi-channel experimental and theoretical constraints for the \$^\{116\}\$Cd(\$^\{20\}\$Ne,\$^\{20\}\$F)\$^\{116\}\$In charge exchange reaction at 306 MeV},
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Fifty years of nuclear BCS : pairing in finite systems

BCS Pairing (and Beyond) in Nuclear Structure and Dynamics Nuclear Pairing Interaction in Finite Nuclei and in Neutron Stars Single and Multiple-Pair Tunneling in Nuclear Reactions (Experiment and


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Ne 2.794 (1/2 + ) (2s 1/2 )


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