[Multi-centered clinical trial of Fufang Xuanju capsule for oligoasthenospermia].


OBJECTIVE To observe the efficacy of Fufang Xuanju Capsule in the treatment of oligoasthenospermia. METHODS Using a multi-centered, open and self-controlled clinical trial, we treated 120 patients with oligoasthenospermia, with Fufang Xuanju Capsule for 12 weeks, and evaluated the efficacy of the capsule with sperm concentration and vitality (a + b) as the primary and the number of grade a sperm, sperm motility (a + b + c) and semen volume as the secondary therapeutic indexes. RESULTS A total of 107 patients accomplished the clinical trial. Compared with pre-treatment, sperm density, vitality and motility were significantly improved after 4, 8 and 12 weeks of Fufang Xuanju treatment (P < 0.01). At 12 weeks, sperm concentration was increased by 63.28%, with 73 cases (68.22%) restored to normal, sperm vitality by 63. 17%, with 39 (36.45%) restored to normal, sperm motility by 44.36%, with 77 (71.96%) restored to normal, and the semen volume by 18.13%. CONCLUSION Fufang Xuanju Capsule can evidently improve the seminal quality of oligoasthenospermia patients.

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