Multi-Tool Design and Development of Operating Machine

  title={Multi-Tool Design and Development of Operating Machine},
  author={J. Sreedhar and B Sanjanna and K. Nageswara Rao and K. P Reddy},
The world being led by innovations has headed to the accomplishment of the activities that we encounter in our day to day life to be snappier and quicker. Yet, this progression additionally requests high level investments as well as expenditures. Each and every industry is striving to make productivity at a higher rate, at the same time maintaining product’s quality and product’s standard to be of a normally low cost. In this work proposed, a conceptual prototype of a machine that would be fit… Expand


On Development of an Optimal Control System for Real-time Process Optimization on Milling Machine Tools☆
Abstract Developing an intelligent machine tool means to augment its level of automation. This augmentation, in turn, requires a machine controller able to perform actions and to implement attributesExpand
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