Multi-Stage Coherence Drift Based Sampling Rate Synchronization for Acoustic Beamforming


Multi-channel speech enhancement algorithms rely on a synchronous sampling of the microphone signals. This, however, cannot always be guaranteed, especially if the sensors are distributed in an environment. To avoid performance degradation the sampling rate offset needs to be estimated and compensated for. In this contribution we extend the recently proposed coherence drift based method in two important directions. First, the increasing phase shift in the short-time Fourier transform domain is estimated from the coherence drift in a Matched Filterlike fashion, where intermediate estimates are weighted by their instantaneous SNR. Second, an observed bias is removed by iterating between offset estimation and compensation by resampling a couple of times. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated by speech recognition results on the output of a beamformer with and without sampling rate offset compensation between the input channels. We compare MVDR and maximumSNR beamformers in reverberant environments and further show that both benefit from a novel phase normalization, which we also propose in this contribution.

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