Multi-Sorted Conjunctive Queries with Concrete and Temporal Domains


Ontology-based data access (OBDA) is becoming increasingly important for answering user queries over large datasets. In this context, mostly relatively inexpressive ontology and query languages (such as DL-Lite and conjunctive queries (CQs)) are considered, as they enjoy the property of first-order rewritability, which allows to make use of existing database techniques for optimized query execution. In real-world datasets, one frequently encounters timestamps as well as concrete values obtained from measurements. In this paper, we extend DL-Lite and CQs by concrete domain predicates of arbitrary arity, and add a temporal dimension that allows us to reason over the evolution of the data. We correct and extend previous results about extensions of DL-Lite with concrete domains, and discuss restrictions we have to impose on our formalism in order to preserve first-order rewritability.

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