Multi RAB-based multimedia services over GERAN mobile networks

  title={Multi RAB-based multimedia services over GERAN mobile networks},
  author={Francesco Lironi and Carlo Masseroni and Riccardo Trivisonno and Carsten F. Ball},
  journal={VTC-2005-Fall. 2005 IEEE 62nd Vehicular Technology Conference, 2005.},
  • F. LironiC. Masseroni C. Ball
  • Published 25 September 2005
  • Business
  • VTC-2005-Fall. 2005 IEEE 62nd Vehicular Technology Conference, 2005.
The feasibility and the performance of a wide set of innovative multimedia services within the near future evolution of GSM/EDGE mobile networks (GERAN) have been investigated in this paper. Packet Video Telephony (PVT), Push to Talk (PtT), Push to Watch (PtW) and Video Sharing (VS) have been considered. PVT, PtT and PtW have been analyzed within the GERAN packet switched domain, whilst VS has been considered as a component of a multi Radio Access Bearer (RAB) service requiring both a circuit… 

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