Multi-Party Politics in Kenya: the Kenyatta and Moi States and the Triumph of the System in the 1992 Election (review)

  title={Multi-Party Politics in Kenya: the Kenyatta and Moi States and the Triumph of the System in the 1992 Election (review)},
  author={Stephen N. Ndegwa},
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The Politics of Finance: How Capital Sways African Central Banks
Abstract While there is a large literature on the politics of central banking its insights are difficult to translate to sub-Saharan Africa. This article addresses gaps in this literature by
Small wars in Marsabit County: devolution and political violence in northern Kenya
Abstract When the elections of 2013 devolved budgetary and legislative powers to 47 counties in Kenya, there was nationwide relief when they passed off peacefully. The new county governments settled
Bamba Merci: the intersections of political and spiritual graffiti in Senegal
Abstract In the summer of 2013, ‘Bamba Merci’ became an omnipresent slogan on public walls throughout Senegal; it was a social movement started by a prominent leader of the Murid Sufi order. With
Ethnic Favoritism in Education in Kenya
Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2016, 11: 1–58 Ethnic Favoritism in Education in Kenya Eric Kramon 1 and Daniel N. Posner 2∗ 1 Department of Political Science, George Washington University,
Diaspora Voting and Ethnic Politics in Kenya
Many African governments have extended voting rights to nationals living abroad, but little is known about the political behavior of diaspora populations. In the context of Kenya, where the 2010
Economic Voting in Ghana. An in-depth study of the economic factor in African Elections.
Table 2.1 Two prototype conceptions of the economic voter 27 Table 2.2 Conceptual expectations regarding the mechanism of economic voting in Africa 34
Land Degradation, Faith‐Based Organizations, and Sustainability in Senegal
Over the past one hundred years, Senegal has experienced repeated droughts and shifting economic and agricultural policies that have contributed to long-term land degradation in a once-productive
Watching The Daily Show in Kenya
Global distribution of a popular American television programme – Jon Stewart's Daily Show – offers a rare opportunity to examine transnational contingencies of meaning in political satire. Drawing on
An effective measure of institutional engineering? Ethnic party bans in Africa
Following the introduction of multiparty systems, almost all sub-Saharan countries have introduced wide-ranging measures of party regulation, particularly bans on ethnic or – in more general terms –