Multi-Objective Optimization of Renewable Energy-Driven Desalination Systems

  title={Multi-Objective Optimization of Renewable Energy-Driven Desalination Systems},
  author={Viviani C. Onishi and Rub{\'e}n Ruiz-Femenia and Raquel Salcedo-D{\'i}az and Alba Carrero-Parre{\~n}o and Juan A. Reyes-Labarta and Jos{\'e} Antonio Caballero},
Abstract Environmental impacts related to increasing greenhouse gas emissions and depletion of fossil-fuel reserves and water resources are major global concerns. In this work, we introduce a new multi-objective optimization model for simultaneous synthesis of zero-emission desalination plants driven by renewable energy. The system is particularly developed for zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) desalination of high-salinity shale gas wastewater, aiming to enhance economic and environmental system… CONTINUE READING