Multi-Lexemic Expressions: an overview

  title={Multi-Lexemic Expressions: an overview},
  author={Franz Guenthner and Xavier Blanco},
Application of the Tightness Continuum Measure to Chinese Information Retrieval
A novel method for improving word-based Chinese IR, which performs segmentation according to the tightness of phrases, is proposed, which improves IR performance as compared with a general word segmentation approach.
Disambiguating phrasal verbs
Hyperclasses, semantic classes, and domains are introduced to the object description of some of the data to help mitigate ambiguity and underscore the importance of a lexicon-grammar approach, which includes both syntactic and semantic information, to English phrasal verbs.
Semantische Analyse und automatische Gewinnung von branchenspezifischem Vokabular für E-Commerce
I. Erkennung der domainspezifischen Terme im jeweiligen Bereich durch EGT (Elementare Generische Terme) und domainspezifische Listen II. Erstellung des Terminologie-Extraktionssystems AGBV:
Targeting Chinese Nominal Compounds in Corpora
A pipeline of filters that starts from a candidate set established by accessor variety and then employs several methods to improve precision is proposed, which has sufficient efficacy to support the rapid construction of compound dictionaries from domain corpora.
The Identification and Description of Frozen Prepositional Phrases through a Corpus-Oriented Study
This research is a corpus-based analysis of Brazilian Portuguese prepositional phrases that have a frozen status and proposes three different PPs syntactic-semantic sets, which are true assets for lexicographic purpose and NLP lexical resource.
A Practical Classification of Multiword Expressions
The paper proposes a methodology for dealing with multiword expressions in natural language processing applications. It provides a practically justified taxonomy of such units, and suggests the ways
Term-driven E-Commerce
Die Arbeit nimmt sich der textuellen Dimension des E-Commerce an. Grundlegende Hypothese ist die textuelle Gebundenheit von Information und Transaktion im Bereich des elektronischen Handels. Uberall