Multi-LED Phase-Shifted OOK Modulation Based Visible Light Communication Systems

  title={Multi-LED Phase-Shifted OOK Modulation Based Visible Light Communication Systems},
  author={Dong-Fang Zhang and Yi-Jun Zhu and Yan-Yu Zhang},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
The limited modulation bandwidth and the non-linearity nature of LEDs are the key challenges to visible light communication. In general, one LED lamp consists of multiple LED chips. In this letter, these LED chips are used for parallel transmission though multi-LED phase-shifted OOK (MP-OOK) modulation. For MP-OOK, the bandwidth efficiency is approximate N times that of conventional OOK ( N is the number of LED chips). For each branch, the modulation format is OOK. Hence, MP-OOK has a better… CONTINUE READING
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