Multi-Echo PRESTO : T 2 * mapping for 3 D fMR 1

  title={Multi-Echo PRESTO : T 2 * mapping for 3 D fMR 1},
  author={Johannes M. Hoogduin and Nick F. Ramsey},
Introduction Last year the Dual-Echo PRESTO [l] technique was introduced to measure I0 and T2* simultaneously. This technique is an extension of the PRESTO [2] technique (TE > TR) and allows for the acquisition of two echoes within each TR. The first echo with a short TE (-7 ms) is acquired directly after RF excitation and is immediately followed by an echo with a long TE (-43 ms) which is echo-shifted. Using the echo shifting technique (TE>TR) for the second echo eliminates the ‘dead-time… CONTINUE READING

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